DIY wrapped USB cable with yarn

One charger, but three mp3 players. And before we were able to buy the fourth player (secon charger), iShuffle is no longer sold. Sure, you can buy the charger, but pay 20 EUR for a small cable, that is too much...



So called Five Fingers attract attention everywhere you go. They are simply impossible to ignore. If you like them or not is only up to you. I might help you with decision if these shoes are with it trying and when you can use them.


Without the internet. Without Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, Youtube… I will turn it off. For at least one month. To clear my head.



The forecast for Friday evening and Saturday was not good. A big storm was coming. We were talking about our finish point and if we want to hike further, another day or two. Finally, we decided to end our hike this day. From Nové Údolí we planned to hike to Plešné jezero and reach the train station in Nová Pec.

Alpská vyhlídka

For this day we planned a long journey. We will be approaching the point where we want to end our hike. Another hiker told us that we have to stop at hotel Alpská vyhlídka to ask them for water. The spring where we wanted to take water is dry.

Nechci se usadit. Miluji toulat se prériemi. V nich se cítím svobodný a šťastný. V momentě kdy se usadíme, začneme blednout až umřeme.

— Santana, náčelník Kiowů

She Nekesa, 2017 - Všechna práva vyhrazena